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Taizhou Gempack Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd >> Full-automatic
G004-1 High unmanned balers
G004-2 The low-pressure balers
GEM004 Widened Unmanned Packager
G004 Low-stretch Unmanned Packager
GEM004 Low bed full-automatic stapper machine
G004 Lengthened Unmanned Packager
GEM004-1 Low bed full-automatic unmanned stapper machine
Side of the bundle of specialty side strapping machine
GEM005-1 Side face full-automatic unmanned strapper
9 7 [1] [2] [1] 8 :
Semi-automatic strapping machine
Full-automatic stapper machine
Full-automatic unmanned strapping machine
Portable type steel belt strapping machine
Packing tool wagon
Semi automatic top & bottom belts driven sealer
Draw and urge the membrane twining machine semi-automatically
Draw and urge the membrane twining machine full-automatically

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